The Island of Ikswee – Introduction

Centuries ago a small halfling population fled their comfortable hills rather than be accidental victims of the dwarf and dragons wars. Their only option was to take to the sea. In crude boats they watched while their homes became a battleground. As the wars dragged on and time passed they knew they could not return, so they grouped their boats together and set out to find a new home. The world was not kind to the refugees and time after time they were driven from the shores they had hoped to make their home. As time passed they tried less and less often to move back to the land and were eventually lost to history and the sea.

Centuries later a mighty sea-going city has made itself know. It plies the oceans, never making landfall and well able to defend herself with her water magics. The story of this strange and mysterious city and her secretive halfling inhabitants are only now being revealed. The halflings of this sea city do not speak of these early pioneers and their times, accept to say; “They learned from the waves what the waves would teach”.

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The Island of Ikswee